Coolest Avatar Costume

Last Halloween I decided to make my own Homemade Avatar Costume because I thought the ones online were too obvious and cheesy, and making you’re own is cooler because no one else is going to have it.

This is everything I bought to make it:
1. 16 oz of turquoise body paint (I can’t remember where I got it but I was sticky all night so I wouldn’t suggest it anyway..)
2. 16 oz of dark blue body paint
3. Small tube of regular white paint
4. Fake eyelashes (not necessary but it looks better)
5. Model magic clay (for the ears)
4. Wire
5. Small brown feathers
6. Large bright feathers (red, orange and yellow)
7. Hemp string
8. Vampire teeth (I got the single ones you mold to your teeth at a regular Halloween store, they were only 12 bucks and looked awesome)
9. Super glue
10. green shirt
11. Wooden beads
12. Elastic string

The first thing I did was make the necklace. All I did was braid long pieces of the hemp string together, do that three times, then braid the braided pieces together. If that makes any sense. I’m sure there are cooler things you could do with it but I was experimenting and it turned out just fine. Then I took about 5 of the mixed feathers and stuck them through a large wooden bead, then through the hemp string and used a wire to wind it and keep it in place. Super glue helps keep the feathers in place so they don’t fall out of the bead. I just kept adding the feathers to it until I liked how it looked.

I made the hairpiece with some extra feathers, I did the same thing I did with the necklace and put them through a bead, stuck a wire through the other end and attached the wire to a regular hair clip or bobby pin. whichever works best.

The loin cloth was just from a green shirt I picked up at the D.I. I didn’t do any proper measuring, I just cut it up and hand sewed it on myself, it was made the day before Halloween so I was impatient.

The ears were made from model magic, I pulled up a picture of the avatars ears and just worked with it until I was happy with the shape. I stuck a wire through it and baked it so the clay was hard and with the wire sticking out from the end I just bent it around my ear. Not the smartest thing to do, and it was extremely uncomfortable towards the end of the night so I wouldn’t recommend that. It looked awesome though!

I also carried a bow with me all night, it was just a cheap 2 dollar one at a grocery store. I painted a few coats of dark brown so it looked better. For my body I wore a thong, in case there were any problems with the loin cloth. I wanted to be as naked as possible, only because they are naked in the movie and I take Halloween very seriously. I also wore pasties (or nipple stickers as I call them) and painted my entire body with the paint. I mixed the turquoise with the dark so it wasn’t as bright. Then I did simple stripes all over my body, similar to pictures you would find online.

It was sloppy but the costume as a whole turned out really well in the end. After the paint was as dry as it would get, I covered myself in small white dots. I then put on my fake eyelashes, hair extensions, hair piece, vampire teeth, ears, and loin cloth. And, ta da! It is finished.

I was famous all night, got a lot of compliments, pictures taken with strangers. It was awesome.

Homemade Avatar Costume

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  1. WOW! That looks amazing!! Especially painting yourself :O I don’t think I could go that naked because I live in freezing Michigan though. Great though!


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