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Coolest Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume

Austin is Holt Hyde from the Monster High cartoon.
Since the manufacturers do not make the boy costumes, his Mom decided to make one for him. The entire Homemade Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume is made from clothing purchased at Goodwill then covered in colored duct tape.

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Holt Hyde from Monster High Costume”

  1. I think this is wonderful work. My daughter’s favorite dolls are the Monster High, and she has a Holt Hyde in her collection (but not nearly as cute!)

    I think it shows a lot of love when kids come to the door in a costume that is hand-made rather than store-bought. My happiest T.O.T memories as a kid were of being in costumes that my mom made.

    Love it!

  2. Wow this costume reminds me so much of me going around on Halloween night trick or treating. My mother would always put in such a huge effort with my costume and its so sweet to see the imagination and love you put into this with your little one. Im 22 now and my mother still helps me with as much effort as always with my costume aha :) love it

  3. How much would you charge to make another costume for my son. He is 7 years old and wears size 8. I really need help. My daughter is having a Monster High party in September 2015.

    901 453 5415


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