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Coolest Golden Globe Award Costume

And the winner is? I made a Golden Globe Award costume for my school’s Spirit day “Red Carpet Day”.

-2 boxes
-3 hula hoops
-gold fabric or material

The bottom half of the costume is just two boxes on top of each other with the bottoms cut out so that you can stand in them. The top half, however, is a bit more difficult. The goal here is to create a circle, the hardest shape to make in costumes. I used 2 hula hoops to try and achieve this effect. I put one hula hoop inside the other so that from the top you see two intersecting lines. Then with the string, I tied the top and bottom intersection together and secured with hot glue. Once those were in place, I ran the third hula hoop horizontally through to create an equator. I tied this loop to the other two using the string technique.

From here, you are home free. Double sided sticky tape sticks great to metallic material, but don?t use hot glue because it will warp and melt the material. Just cover with gold and enjoy.

I also covered my face with glitter, but that is certainly optional.

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