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Fun Homemade Ferris Wheel Costume for a Girl

Every year I ask my daughter what she wants to be for Halloween. Well, this year she came up with a doozey! A Ferris Wheel! It  took about two days to assemble.

Items needed:

  • Duct Tape (we used purple)
  • Two- hula hoops
  • Medium sized box
  • Lights with battery packs
  • Barbie dolls
  • Two tissue boxes
  • Three empty paper towel rolls
  • Newspaper
  • Exacto knife/scissors
  • Eyelet push pin (6)
  • Suspenders

Cut tissue boxes for barbie seats and medium box for my daughter’s “seat”. Wrapped the lights around each hula hoop, attached to medium box, one hula hoop each side. Used duct-tape to cover boxes (seats). Used the eyelet push pin things for attach barbie seats to be able to rock back and forth while hanging from paper towel holders that were stuffed with newspaper and wrapped in duct tape also. Evenly placed on paper towel holder on front, top, and back of hula hoops. Hung barbie seats from each paper roll. Attach suspenders to front and back of medium sized box so they would rest on daughter’s shoulder allowing her to have costume rest on her with out having to hold it up constantly. Boxes, paper towel rolls, newspaper, Barbie’s, and exacto knife I had on hand. Most expensive was the lights and suspenders. Hula hoops were bought from dollar store. Overall cost was about $30 to make but priceless if you ask me to see how excited my daughter was to wear it and how many compliments it got.

Fun Homemade Ferris Wheel Costume for a Girl

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