Coolest Frankenstein DIY Costume

This Frankenstein DIY Costume was fairly easy. First, I went to the thrift store and purchased the suit jacket and suit pants and his shoes. I cut the bottom of the pant legs and cut the cuffs of the cost and a few snips around the collar. Next I took a milk jug and cut the spout and handle off to fit my son’s head. Then I took some green craft paint and painted the front and sides of the milk jug and covered the back and top with black felt. I poked holes in the forehead part of the headpiece and strung silver pipe cleaner through it to resemble a stitch.

I painted his face with green costume paint and black around the eyes and lips. I cut the top part of his shoes out and stuffed the end of a green pair of socks with poly fill and had him slip his feet in the socks and put the shoes on( this made him look like he had really big feet). I then found a pair of gloves at the Dollar Store (gotta love it) that resembled Frankenstein’s hands and wha-la!

There you have it, and all for under $10!!! I had used a pair of ear plugs covered in tin foil for his bolts in his neck, but unfortunately I couldn’t get them to stick, they kept falling off!!

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  1. Can’t wait to see my grandson, whose nickname is Frankenstein, wear this costume for Halloween. Some bolts and nuts can be used for the head (neck) bolts, attached to the head.


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