Coolest Frankenstein Costume

For Frankenstein, we bought an over sized suit coat from a thrift store. He wore black pants and big black shoes. We patterned his make up after a photo from the original Frankenstein’s monster movie. We made the neck bolts out of tin foil and used duct tape to attach. We sprayed his hair black.

For the bride of Frankenstein, basic white clothing was worn underneath. Then we cut up a white sheet and draped it in similar ways as the movie photo. We used an Afro wig and shaped it with bobby pins and hair spray. Then we added white cobwebs to each side. We taped the side of my face with double stick tape to raise the eyebrows like her, and patterned the make up similarly after the photo. We also used white tape on the hands.

The cost of both costumes total was about $15.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Frankenstein Costume”

  1. your Bride of Frankenstein costume is awesome! I am trying to keep it frugal this year and I have an old Afro wig and white decorative cobwebs that I am TOTALLY going to turn into a wig! Glad I kept the Afro wig from a few years back. what an awesome idea. The wigs I’ve seen at Halloween shops are so expensive.


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