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Coolest Female Zebra Costume

Hi! My name is Alanna Kendall and ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Halloween… well obsessed with getting dressed up and costumes actually. To date my homemade zebra costume has been my favorite. I truly enjoyed putting it together and being a Zebra at the Annual NYC Halloween Parade and going clubbing in full Zebra mode after! I don’t know how I even got the idea for it frankly. All I knew is I wanted awesome makeup and to be completely transformed or “covered” by paint or fabric. I managed to do this except for my hands which looking back at pictures I admit was the only thing I regret not covering.

Everything was homemade and thankfully I live in NYC where any material you need can be found and anything you can think of can be constructed! I bought zebra printed velor and sewed a full body suit complete with tail which I pinned at the back. I work in swimwear design and most our bikini triangle tops have removable pads of which I made the ears and covered them in fabric.

For the mane I went to the best trim store in the world, M & J in new York and bought some black faux fur trim. I then french braided my hair and attached the faux fur trim down the center of the braid with bobby pins then sprayed white and black hair spray to give a striped effect.

The make-up took a good three hours or so (I’m a bit anal when it comes to getting face paint perfect so it took longer than I had thought), using wet to dry face paint from Ricky’s Nyc.

IT was great to see people’s reactions! My friend’s all had a hard time recognizing me and all agreed it was very freaky talking to me. A couple Little kids were really cute and asked if I was from the Lion King. Others were just confused and meowed at me thinking I me be some sort of feline. In all it was super fun to be a Zebra and I’d love to repeat this costume in a couple years from now and perhaps change it up a bit. Hope you enjoy!!


Coolest Female Zebra Costume 10

Coolest Female Zebra Costume 10

Coolest Female Zebra Costume 10

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  1. Alanna I was wandering why you didn’t enter this costume before. It has to be the most artistic and beautiful costume I have ever seen. I agree with your comment, ‘you transformed yourself completly’. You should definitely win for this costume.


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