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Cute Homemade Zebra Costume

I have always been creative, and so I INSISTED on making my homemade costume just like I do every other year. The outfit consisted of zebra print leggings, a long shirt, and zebra print boots.

I made the tail by hot-gluing zebra print fabric in a tube-like shape and attaching black yarn to the end of it, then clipping it on to the end of my shirt in the back.

The headpiece was the most involved part. I had a headband with bat wings on it… and decided to recycle it into something new. I folded the wings over and glued them to create the ears.. then glued zebra print fabric on the outside after cutting it to be the right size. I painted the inside of the ears white with a bit of shading to make them look like the inside of a zebra’s ears.

For the mane, I took an old broom and cut all the bristles off. I glued them together one by one creating a long mane made of them, and when it was long enough glued it to the headband. I painted them white in series of stripes to create the zebra mo-hawk look.

Finally I looked at a zebra picture on Google, zoomed in enough to get the details of it’s face. I painted my face myself using facepaint, and used eyeliner and eye-makeup for the eyes. If you would like to go all out you can paint your whole mouth and nose area black and copy the entire zebra face.. For this homemade zebra costume I preferred to just go with the mask around the eyes.

Homemade Zebra Costume

Homemade Zebra Costume

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