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80+ Coolest DIY Safari Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

Go on a African Safari adventure without leaving your chair! The fierce and majestic animal costumes featured here will astound and amaze you. The love that went into these stunning homemade Safari costumes resulted in truly captivating designs.

Trek across the Serengeti and stare into the eyes of proud lions, gigantic elephants and striking zebras. Not all wild animals have to be so fierce when it comes to costuming. For instance, you will also find happy hippos, sweet cobras and baby lions.

In addition, you will also find fantastic instructions on making adorable monkeys and how to create impressive height on a giraffe costume.

If you are looking for a sexier costume idea, you will find plenty of inspiration here. Some examples are sexy leopards and sultry snakes.

So get in touch with nature and check out these incredible homemade Safari costumes for your wildest Halloween!


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