Coolest Zebra Print Makeup Costume

I used white make up as a base and a black makeup crayon to draw on all the stripes on her arms, back and chest.  For her face, I used special f

I used white make up as a base and a black makeup crayon to draw on all the stripes on her arms, back and chest.  For her face, I used special face white base and black face makeup with a brush.  The make-up took close to three hours and was a blast.  I had never … Read more

Coolest Jungle Explorer Costume

i was looking for an easy to wear but elaborate costume and thought i would be fun to make it active so i thought of a puppet it was alote of fun to

I was looking for an easy to wear but elaborate costume and thought it would be fun to make it active. So I thought of a puppet. It was a lot of fun to make sculpting the head out of flower foam. This is the foam they use in the bottom of flower arrangements. It … Read more

Coolest Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and for one night out my class decided to make the theme- circus. I knew that most people would turn up as clowns and I wanted to be something different so I decided to go in a Homemade Lion Costume. I’m a poor student so … Read more

Coolest White Tiger Halloween Costume

Homemade White Tiger Halloween Costume

The trunk of this White Tiger Halloween costume is separate from head and boots. The head was made from a pattern of a hoodie and I made ears from a 1/2 of a dixie cup shape. Trunk was patterned from a large size boy sweat suit and boots were made of Crocs with fur outlined … Read more

Lion Costume #2

I made this lion costume for my oldest son (pictured with the blue eyes) for his first Halloween in 2004. His “love” was (and still is) a lion so I thought it’d be fun to make his costume a lion as well. I used a pattern, tan fleece and five 5-1/2 yards of ribbon. (Yes … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cobra Costume

Coolest Homemade Cobra Costume

I was invited last minute to my best friend’s sister’s Halloween party and needed a quick costume idea that was small and easy to pack in a bag so I could take it on a train. I didn’t have enough money to buy a costume. I searched the house for things I could use and … Read more

Pretty Homemade Zebra Costume

Homemade Zebra Costume

Beautiful flowing zebra tutu dress made out of yards and yards of flowing tulle and zebra stripes galore! Two cute looks with a coordinating zebra mask and a headband mane. This is our Homemade Zebra Costume.

Lion Costume #3

I made my son this Lion costume for his first Halloween using a Simplicity pattern #3594. Instead of putting bands on the sleeves I put elastic because that was easier. Also I used the “eyelash” type of yarn for the mane which gave it more of a “fur” look. I was expecting it to be … Read more

Coolest Giraffe Costume

Coolest Giraffe Costume

This Coolest Giraffe Costume is very easy! Ears and ossicones came on a headband I bought from eBay for about a fiver, just clipped my hair over the band to make it look like they were coming out of my head. Fabric was an effort, couldn’t find any giraffe print so just painted onto gold … Read more

Cool Homemade Zebra Costume

Homemade Zebra Costume

I created this Homemade Zebra Costume. The catsuit parts is Zentai, comes from U.K and the cinch comes from Spirit Halloween, and the boa is 2 boas intertwined for the tail. Sexy ankle boots and gloves for hooves, face painted and hair done by cornrowing and hair coloring. Won best costume prize twice at local … Read more

Lion Costume #4

I made the very furry lion costume but decided to make a back up in case it was a bit warmer and the fur one would be too hot. This one was very easy even for a beginner. I bought polar fleece material that was on sale for $4, a pattern that was on sale … Read more

Coolest Siberian Tiger Costume

Homemade Siberian Tiger Costume

Every year my grandmother and I work together to make a Halloween costume for me daughter. Two years ago she wanted to be a white tiger. Sewing is not my strong suit, so my grandmother got to work making the body of the costume using a fuzzy white material. She then drew the black tiger … Read more

Cute Homemade Zebra Costume

Homemade Zebra Costume

I have always been creative, and so I INSISTED on making my homemade costume just like I do every other year. The outfit consisted of zebra print leggings, a long shirt, and zebra print boots. I made the tail by hot-gluing zebra print fabric in a tube-like shape and attaching black yarn to the end … Read more

Lion Costume #5

I came up with the idea for a lion costume after seeing the Tom Arma costumes. After I told my 14 month old son that a lion says “roar!” and he copied I knew that was what his costume would be. I couldn’t believe the prices for the costumes so I decided I could make … Read more

Coolest Lion Costume

Luke the Baby Lion Costume

Luke is an 8 month old living in Wichita, KS. He has been crawling for 2 months now, and has quite the cute growl…..that was the inspiration for this costume! His mommy made him a lion costume, complete with faux fur body suit, tail and mane. The feet were reinforced with quilting batting to make … Read more

Coolest Handmade Zebra Costume

Homemade Handmade Zebra Costume

I work at an Elementary School and our theme was “Wild About Reading” so I created a Homemade Handmade Zebra Costume to go with my friend who was a giraffe. I used a zebra mask from an online store, a black wig, zebra eye makeup purchased from a local retailer, black tights, a black long … Read more

Coolest Female Zebra Costume

Coolest Female Zebra Costume 10

Hi! My name is Alanna Kendall and ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Halloween… well obsessed with getting dressed up and costumes actually. To date my homemade zebra costume has been my favorite. I truly enjoyed putting it together and being a Zebra at the Annual NYC Halloween Parade and going clubbing … Read more

Lion Costume #7

I came up with this costume idea last year when my grandson was 1-year old and too small for a standard costume. I figured this year he could probably pull it off so I made it and I am so glad I did because he looks so cute.

Coolest Hippo Costume

Homemade Hippo Costume

I love all the creative costumes on this site! Of all things, my son asked me to make a hippo costume for him last year. I couldn’t convince him to be a ghost. :) When I couldn’t find any hippo patterns, I used a Simplicity BIRD pattern 3663 and modified it to make a hippo … Read more

Coolest Tiger Costume Idea

Tiger Costume Idea

Well my friend was having a “touch of animal print” themed night out… so I decided to go all out and go as a Zebra. As you can clearly see zebra print was more a challenge to get hold of so a tiger costume was the answer! The body piece is made from an all … Read more

Coolest Homemade Zebra Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Zebra Halloween Costume Idea

This year I had a Homemade Zebra Halloween Costume Idea! After making my peacock costume last year, a solely black and white costume would be super different. I started by painting my entire body white with Ben Nye white matte makeup (my friend helped get my back). Then, we painted my forearms and legs (under … Read more

Lion Costume #8

One day, I was just browsing through the costumes at the local thrift shop. I came across a short lion costume (no legs, no arms, just a body with tail and hood). It was only $6, so I bought it. Originally, I had planned to just allow my daughter to use it as a costume … Read more

Cool Homemade Tiger Costume

Homemade Tiger Costume

I printed off a tiger pattern for my Homemade Tiger Costume, went out and bought orange, yellow, white and black face paint. My sister and I are both artists, so I drew out the design on a small drawing of me and let my sister paint me. The white was sponged on first, then the … Read more

Coolest Zebra Costume

Homemade Zebra Costume

My idea to be a Zebra stemmed from loving animal print clothing. However, when I scanned the available costumes online I was very disappointed in the selection that was to be had. The only thing that would identify me as a “Zebra” would be the fact that I was wearing Zebra print. Which in my … Read more