Jungle Love Couple Costume: Zebra and Safari Tour Guide

First off found these pj’s than from there the ideas came to mind, and started looking for the rest of the accessories.

Best part was my daughter wanting to paint my face and boy did she have fun but the freakiest part and funniest on my end was i was going into character as she was doing the process.

Went to our club party and received applause and great compliments as i walked around to the tables. Judge as “The Most Original”

Had to get a coke through McDonalds, so we went through the drive through and the reaction on their faces were priceless as for the two males inside tried not to look our way. Longest time i waited for a coke but she finally got her co-worker to come to the window and she let out a scream and smiled saying thats real good.

It took 1 hr. to do and 1 1/2 hrs. to remove but was worth it.