My 11-year-old girl has loved elephants since she was a toddler. Her room is decorated in African elephants. I decided to make her an elephant costume using vibrant African print material.

The most time-consuming part of this costume was cutting strips of fabric and sewing them together before cutting out the pattern (McCall’s 6809 vintage). I sewed the strips together at an angle then sewed them together vertically for the body. I lined each strip of fabric with felt on the trunk. The ears are also lined with felt. The tusks are out of zebra print. The ears and trunk have gold trim sewn into them. I glued the elephant nails on the sleeves and pant legs using zebra felt. I took a cheap pair of shoes and glued pieces of fabric onto them. There is a colorful braided tail that is not shown in the pictures.

She won first place in her school contest.