Vibrant African Elephant Costume

Vibrant African Elephant Costume

My 11-year-old girl has loved elephants since she was a toddler. Her room is decorated in African elephants. I decided to make her an elephant costume using vibrant African print material. The most time-consuming part of this costume was cutting strips of fabric and sewing them together before cutting out the pattern (McCall’s 6809 vintage). … Read more

Original Homemade Elephant Costume

Original Homemade Elephant Costume

This elephant costume was the first costume I ever made. I dived in and started, having no idea what I was doing! I love elephants, and I had the box idea from primary school when we made cars out of a box, and a helmet out of paper mache. So I paper mached half of … Read more

The Elephant Man Optical Illusion Costume

The Elephant Man Optical Illusion Costume

My family loves to make our own costumes. Every year, we make to a higher and different level of imagination. This year the theme was “Trip Around the World” that shows cultures and history of people. We picked the county India because of its rich practices and colorful splendid garments. My husband made a huge … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elephant Costume

Homemade Elephant Costume

I wanted to have a large, grey bum for Halloween so my husband and I created this elephant costume for the big night. It started with a fat suit from a Big Bertha costume, then a large, grey homemade dress with pink paw pads and a tail with the fuzzy black tip. The head was … Read more

Coolest Dancing Ballerina Elephant Costume

Homemade Dancing Ballerina Elephant Costume

This year (2008) I made my daughter a Ballerina Elephant costume. I live in Ohio and needed something that would be warm for her but also pretty. I got the elephant costume from a sale. I bought the tutu off of eBay. I then bought a bunch of pink roses to match the tutu. I … Read more

Coolest Elephant Costume

Ele[phant Costume

I made this elephant costume with soft grey velour I found at a garage sale. The tusks and toenails are made of white felt. It was a McCall’s pattern. The feet have stuffing in them too.

Elephant Costume

For this costume I followed the McCall’s pattern #MP357, size 1/2. My son Timmy is 5 months old. I started making this costume early September and it took me 5 weeks! I have two small children, so I don’t have long sewing sessions. This costume is a pretty difficult pattern with lots of hand-stitching, especially … Read more