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Coolest Homemade Elephant Costume

I wanted to have a large, grey bum for Halloween so my husband and I created this elephant costume for the big night. It started with a fat suit from a Big Bertha costume, then a large, grey homemade dress with pink paw pads and a tail with the fuzzy black tip.

The head was constructed from a hard hat, blocks of Styrofoam, child’s butterfly wings for ears, grey fuzzy material and LOTS if glue, two way tape, contact cement, straight pins—you name it and it is holding this head together. Styrofoam balls and broom bristles made the eyes and eyelashes. A small dryer tube and material made the trunk.

I danced all night at a club in this costume and, despite missing the costume contest, I was proud to have the biggest, greyest bum there! I might also note that my trunk was a source of um, we will say AMUSEMENT for several young women who had had a bit too much to drink…

Homemade Elephant Costume

Homemade Elephant Costume

Homemade Elephant Costume

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