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Beautiful Homemade Zebra Halloween Costume Idea

This year I had a Homemade Zebra Halloween Costume Idea! After making my peacock costume last year, a solely black and white costume would be super different.

I started by painting my entire body white with Ben Nye white matte makeup (my friend helped get my back). Then, we painted my forearms and legs (under the knee) solid black. My friend then painted zebra stripes all over my body with black Ben Nye paint. The stripes had to be repainted several times to show up dark enough over the white paint.

I was wearing white hot shorts and a white bandeau that were also painted with stripes with black Ben Nye paint. All this body paint was then sealed with Ben Nye Final Seal.

I purchased a black mohawk wig, and sprayed white hairspray on it in streaks to create those great zebra stripes. The wig was then spirit gummed to my hairline so it would stay on all night.

I purchased a white tail, and added black hair to the end of it to resemble a zebra’s tail, and safety-pinned the tail to my hot shorts.

I applied long white feather eyelashes to my upper lash line, and black spikey lashes to my lower lash line. I blacked-out my eyebrows, and painted my lips with black cream lipstick.

It was definitely a long process to make this! I hope you like it!

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