Coolest DIY Grinch Costumes

Nana and Pop Stole Christmas

The male pants are doctors scrubs and for me, the Grinch wife, I had a brown skirt. I purchased the fur on Amazon.

Attaching the Fur

How I added the fur on the pants was cutting it and sewing it to the front of the pants. I realized that I did not have enough fur material for the back, so I came up with that idea of just putting it in the front. So that I would have enough for the skirt.

In addition, I also put the fur only in the front of the skirt. I did this by sewing it on.

Adding the Accessories

The hat and beard came together  I purchased the glasses for both of us.

For me, I had the sweater and threw a black belt around. Also, I painted my face green. The earrings are light bulb ornaments I made as earrings. I think it turned out perfect.

Grinch Costumes Were a Hit

The good thing about this is we were just going to be at home with family. So I warned them not to take pictures of our backs anyways lol!!!

The highlight of the night was watching our granddaughters enjoying every moment of it. The next day they said ‘Nana and Pop Pop you were so funny with the Grinch costumes’.

We actually all had pretty much DIY unique costumes. We have an idea planned already for next Christmas. Can’t wait.

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