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Coolest DIY Avatar Halloween Costume Idea

First of all the movie totally inspired me to do something similar to the Neteyri Avatar. These creatures are totally sexy in there own way and I wanted to incorporate that same look. I bought 32oz of blue latex and 8oz of black and 8oz of white latex. These products can be purchased at any Halloween store, its called Brand X Latex. I followed the instructions on the jars of latex.

No hair whatsoever on your body…must be completely shaved. Then generously apply lotion over your entire body. Once you’ve done that you can start applying the latex with a foam brush. My friend volunteered so I have to give her props, she patiently applied five coats of blue, waiting for each coat to dry first before applying the next one. Then after all coats of blue were on she then applied streaks of black throughout then white to highlight it. I did my face with face paint which I bought from Party City, one blue tube and one white tube. Mixing the two gave me the blue I needed to match the rest of my body.

Once that was dried I detailed it with black shadowing and white dots to master the Avatar look. Lets not forget the hair lol. I teased the hell out of it and out four braids in the front sides with beads on the end of them. With that look complete I must say I make a sexy Avatar.

I hope these photos will show the time and creativity I put in to be a great Avatar. Thanks!

Homemade DIY Avatar Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade DIY Avatar Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade DIY Avatar Halloween Costume Idea

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