Coolest Darth Maul Costume

Last year I made my son a Star Wars homemade Darth Maul costume and it cost me nothing. People of all ages (even those who were wearing store bought Darth Maul costumes) were in AWE of him!

How I did it:

He wore black sweatpants, his regular tennies, a black long sleeved shirt he had, and a hooded long sleeved cotton jacket that I have. The light saber I’m told should be another color but he already had it (75 cents at a garage sale a few months before). This costume would have been fine without the saber though.

I printed a picture of Darth Maul. I looked at the picture and traced the lines with an eyebrow pencil (I’m not an artist either – this is easy to do).

I then took black craft paint (yes, just craft paint) and red craft paint and filled the lines in. I had to give him two coats in some areas but overall it covered well. He was only out for a couple of hours so it didn’t hurt him or stain. I removed it with baby oil, warm water and a wash cloth, no problem!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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