Coolest Darth Maul and Slave Leia Costumes

My sister-in-law likes her parties to have themes, and the theme of this particular party was “lost in space”. I had a Darth Maul mask from a previous Halloween, and I’d always wanted my wife to dress up like Princess Leia in Jabba the Hut’s palace, so?.

I bought some material, a metal hoop belt, a bronze-colored bra, a couple of metal spiral bracelets, gold spray paint, a gold paint pen, found some chain, some big key rings, and made a choker out of an old belt. Voila! Slave Leia!

As for me, I cut the horns off of the Darth Maul mask, shaved my head, painted it, stuck on the horns, cut and layered various articles of black clothing, and quite a while later I was the spitting image of the Sith Lord himself.

This party was held at a club, and I got compliments (and challenges to a duel) from strangers all night. And my lightsaber came in handy when my wife got a little too much attention from the patrons. “Back off! Or I’ll pretend to chop your arm off!”

Star Wars Costume

Last Halloween we got lazy. We bought a Yoda costume for my daughter. My son wore the Ewok costume/baby carrier I made four years ago. My wife wore the Princess Leia Slave Girl costume I made for her five years ago. And I turned my homemade Darth Maul costume into a “Jedi Council Member # 6” costume. My wife hates keeping things that aren’t used all the time. She calls it “clutter”. I call it “instant Halloween”.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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