Coolest Darth Maul and Slave Leia Costumes

Homemade Darth Maul and Slave Leia Costumes

My sister-in-law likes her parties to have themes, and the theme of this particular party was “lost in space”. I had a Darth Maul mask from a previous Halloween, and I’d always wanted my wife to dress up like Princess Leia in Jabba the Hut’s palace, so?. I bought some material, a metal hoop belt, … Read more

Coolest Ewok Costume

Homemade Ewok Baby Carrier

For my daughter’s first Halloween I was adamant that she not wear a stereotypical store-bought baby costume. No bugs. No flowers. No pets. No, she had to wear something different. Something original. Something cool. And as with everything I try to make, it had to not only look good, but be functional as well. And … Read more

Coolest Sportacus and Stephanie from Lazytown Costumes

Homemade Sportacus and Stephanie Costumes

When my daughter was three, she became enthralled with a kids show called Lazytown. The two heroes of the series are Stephanie and Sportacus, and they spend their days trying to motivate the residents of said lazy town to be active, while trying to thwart the lethargy-inducing schemes of Roddy the Rotten. (If you haven’t … Read more