Coolest Princess Leia Costume

My 6 year old daughter was recently introduced to the “Star Wars” saga and she absolutely loved and wanted to be the heroine character of Princess Leia. After scouring the internet, and not coming across anything that wasn’t overtly risky (like the slave costume) or goofy, like the fake-looking brown ear muffs intended to be Leia’s hair buns, I decided to take a leap of faith and work something up that she would be proud to wear.

I found a size 2x women’s white flowing cotton shawl at the thrift store with long sleeves that had no buttons in the front but had a really cool extra layer on the back neck area. I then sewed the front together, and flipped the shawl around so that it would form a slight cowl neck.

I purchased a couple of foam rollers at Sally’s beauty supply shop for a couple of dollars and then rolled up my daughter’s hair and pinned it with several bobby pins.

I then dug around in her closet for a pair of white snow boots and she wore a pair of white tights. I then took my old 1980’s silver chain belt, took out several chains and fastened it around her waist. We bought a cheap machine gun from Wal-Mart and she was all set.

She absolutely loved her Homemade Princess Leia Costume!

Homemade Princess Leia Costume

Homemade Princess Leia Costume


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  1. Very Nice! Very Princess Leia like. The ensemble really takes you back to the movies. Love her hair, make-up, stance, lazer toy blaster, and attitude really reflects such a strong Princess Leia.


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