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Coolest Homemade Lego Darth Maul Minifig Costume

I wanted a unique costume for my 6-year-old this year. I came across the idea of a Lego Minifig costume and opted for the Darth Maul model instead of your basic yellow-headed model.

I did my best to make it as comfortable/usable for the kid as possible. At first I thought it should be close-fitting, but I knew if Ian (my son) wasn’t comfortable he’d only wear it for a few minutes. So I just carved out the first two pieces, (numbers 2 and 3, when stacked in a 1-7 pattern) but did use the same flat/complete top piece. Instead I left a hole, so the tip of his head just barely stuck out of the top piece. Then I attached a hollow stud to the top (with a hole in the middle of the circle cut out) to give the proper lego look and to make breathing easier; it also worked out better to keep the proportions correct on a smaller kid’s head.

After carving the top and second piece (again numbers 2 and 3) to the size of the top of my son’s head,I realized it was far enough down his head to that it fit like a hat (so it will still move when he turns his head). So, from that disc on, I just cut a bigger hole straight down on the inside so that he’d have more room for his face and that air would enter from the bottom.

Note: before gluing the pieces together (with Elmers spray glue found at Michaels) be sure to remove the plastic film on both sides of the Styrofoam (found in the 2” thickness at Home Depot but only in the big sheets that need to be cut down).

After getting the correct-shaped head by cutting and sanding, I applied quite a few layers of watered-down white Elmers glue. This helped fill some of the craters, smooth the whole thing as well as protect it from paint solvents (which can eat up your foam in ugly ways)

Then I painted it with black H20 spray-paint (also found at Michaels). Note: it doesn’t say whether its gloss or mat on the can but it gives a great high gloss, very plastic lego-like finish.

I needed a face and am not the best graphic artist in the world so after an extensive search I came across the perfect template (used as a decal when making actual minifigs.

I printed it to size then went to trace it on the face. However I found with the paint (again be sure to use glossy paint, for a more “plastic” look) over the glue it was not a finish that took an impression well. After a few attempts I found the best way was to use the back side of a sharp pair of tweezers (really pointy ones) to slowly trace it, pushing in just hard enough along the lines to make a sort of outline dent that I could paint around.

For the eyes I decided to cut out the black sort of squared-off oblong that framed the actual eye and use black double screen to fit in behind them. I cut the top layer of the eyes straight (with an exacto blade, so as not to ruin the paint job and also so that I could angle outward, leaving the back side of the hole bigger). This both improves visibility and gives me a place to attach the screen that should be placed quite deep within as if it was flat against the backside. Then I glued in the screen from the inside and the head was complete.

The top body form was made from a 2x large T-shirt. Sewn in at the sleeves and fitted over a cut (soft but thick) piece of foam which was painted with standard Lego lines then tacked on from underneath. The pants were regular black pj bottoms. The Trick-Treat container was an old fruit bucket painted to look like an Evil Skeleton lego face.I also cut 3 small circles and hollowed them to fit over a store-bought double-light saber.

That’s about it. It took a long time to make my Coolest Homemade Lego Darth Maul Minifig costume and lots of things didn’t work so well along the way (feet and hands were both scrapped for being too hard to function in!). I think that’s everything. Hope everyone enjoys it and Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Every time I see one of these they seem all uneven with the head too big or too tall. This one blows me away with its proportions, it looks perfect. The details are incredible, exactly like a giant Star Wars minifig would if you blew it up!! ROCK ON LEGO”S!!!


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