Coolest Homemade Cheshire Cat Costume

For this Cheshire Cat costume I started with making the face as wide and big as the character in the movie. Materials used are: fabrics (purple and pink), foam roll, pillow stuffing for the tail, pretty much everything was sewed and put together with my designing and cutting and my mom’s sewing skills!

We cut strips of purple and sewed it on top of pink fabric suit. The tail is stuffed with batting and is a little heavy but I needed it big and soft like. We attached nylon string so it could be off the ground and held up. The face was made from some foam and fabric cut to mimic the 3D shape of the cats outer area. The ears and top of head are flat but looks great from the front view. We left a slit for the eyes between the nose and eyes of the cat.

All and all we spent about a week and a couple of days on this thing. My wife had her heart set to be the mad hatter so I had to match her of course.

Cheshire Cat Costume

Cheshire Cat Costume

22 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Cheshire Cat Costume”

  1. I know this costume was done in 06 but, Mom can make lots of money since Alice in Wonderland is coming out March 2010. Your Mother has a special gift. I Love Her. Debbie

  2. My daughter just got this role in her HS as the Cheshire cat! What I would give to have this costume! Is it for sale or Can you be paid to make another?
    Please let me know!

  3. This costume is really great! the colors are so vibrant an the overall look is amazing. the work on the headpiece is fantastic. We are looking into producing Alice in Wonderland at my school, would you be interested in selling/ constructing this Cheshire cat costume for us?

  4. You have an amazing talent. So professional. I love this costume. It is the best I have seen. It is so cute. I am hosting my daughters 14th Birthday Party and I would love to have one of these costumes. Do you make and sell them? Please confirm. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us. Too cute!

  5. How much would you want to make another costume. I would need it by Feb. 20th.

  6. Are you selling this costume,, or making more to sell…. Please advise… I do costumes for a childrens production theater…. and need three of these in different sizes

  7. I have seen multiple people asking if you make this costume to sell… do you? :)

    My four kids and I, my Mom & Dad, sister and her little boy and our dogs are going as Alice and crew. I am looking for a Cheshire Cat costume for my Mom? Yours is the cutest by far! :) Thanks!

  8. so how much do you want for one of those??haha, seriously though, thats exactly what I want for Halloween

  9. Can you make my daughter a duplicate of this costume…she is an ice skater and they are doing a ensemble of Alice in Wonderland and she is the cat. Please contact re cost and if you can do it. Thank you

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