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Coolest Cave-Woman and Cave-Man Couple Costume

To create this Cave-Woman and Cave-Man Couple Costume: You need to hit up a few thrift stores. The skin tight leopard dress was found at a thrift store as a ladies long leopard print dress. Cut garment to look torn and wild. I used leather strips to “sew” my dress to myself. It should be tight and sexy…and tattered. With left over pieces of leopard fabric you can make arm cuffs or strips to wear in your hair.

Ruff up your hair and get some great nude heels to place left-over leopard print material on. If you could find a great staff with fake “animal teeth” hanging from it it will complete your costume. However in these pictures we were not allowed to bring the staff in the bar. For the male part of the costume you again need to hit up the thrift stores to find some great faux furs. We DID NOT use real fur! I found a great ladies faux fur jacket that we hacked and stitched to fit my husband’s frame with the leather strips.

With remaining pieces I stitched together boot like pieces to put over his shoes. He is also wearing a wig to give a long hair “wild” look. This can be as unique as the materials you find. Find white faux fur and white fake leopard skin…. you could be a SNOW cave-man and cave-woman. Find antlers? Find a way to incorporate unique thrift finds!

Coolest Cave-Woman and Cave-Man Couple Costume

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