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Coolest Cave Woman Costume

I started this Cave Woman costume by buying a yrd and a half of material from Wal-Mart. I traced and cut out the pattern and sewed the sides to fit my shape, cut the hem jagged, and tied the shoulder strap.

For my hair – I washed and blow dried it and then added hair grease and teased it until I got the desired look… it took about twenty mins.

The bones came from a store deli, after I ate the chicken I stuck the bones in the microwave to dry them out and then pierced a hole in the tips and added them to a string for a necklace and bracelet (I even tied some in my hair).

For the dirty look I took brownish blk mascara and swiped it on arms, legs, face and teeth… lol, didn’t taste too bad… and then just blend with fingers.

The tool was made from a thick stick, shape one end and tie a rock to the other end using old straps from a black t-shirt.

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