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Last-Minute Cave Man and Cave Woman Couple Costume

A lot of people thought we were Pebbles and Bam Bam from the Flintstones. The last-minute Cave Man and Cave Woman couple costume were very last minute and easy to make.

For the  Cave woman costume I bought a cheap bra and animal print fabric at a Walmart. For the top I cut the fabric to place over the bra. I used small safety pins to pin the fabric on. I cut more fabric to cover my stomach by trying it in the back. Then I found a tu-tu and added fabric like a belt. I found a bone clip for my hair at a Halloween store. I found old tights and leg warmers.

For the cave man I used the extra fabric and made a shirt. I tried the sides of the shirt and cut the neck out. We purchased cheap brown sweat pants because he did not want to wear a dress/ skirt. The costume was such a hit and was cheap and easy to make.

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