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15+ Easy Cave People Costumes Straight from the Stone Age

Turning yourself into a Caveman or Cavewoman is quite a simple task. After all, cave people didn’t have much to put on themselves. So all you’ll need to create convincing Cave People costumes are a piece of fur from your latest wild-animal kill. Or, a piece of animal-print fabric from a nearby Jo-Ann fabric shop.

For accessories you also don’t need much either. A bone or bone-like object to put in your hair, a club and maybe some dirt (or brown makeup) to get you all dirty. That’s pretty much the base of creating cool Cave People costumes. Of course, you can give the costume your own special touches as you can see from what people have done in their Caveman costumes below.

It’s a great all-around costume idea for children, adults, couples and groups. It’s also perfect for those who waited for the very last minute. And, if you’re looking for a head-turning sexy costume, then simply buy half the fabric (or just cut out the animal prints)…