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Coolest Homemade Cavewoman Costume

I have a hard time finding costumes to fit me the way I would like for them too, so I decided to make it. My husband had a caveman/barbarian outfit and we wanted to match so I made a Cavewoman Costume. I purchased the material and got to work.

I cut the pattern, did minimal sewing, and pieces everything together. Made the costume the best I could with all the ideas I could think of. I had a complete outfit with all the accessories. I didn’t have to worry about it not fitting right or about it being worn by someone else.

I felt great about the costume and people really loved it. They kept asking me where I purchased it from. I didn’t win the costume contest, but I really felt great about the way it turned out. I am hoping this year to make another costume that will stand out just as well. It was truly a Cavewoman kinda night! LOL!

Homemade Cavewoman Costume

Homemade Cavewoman Costume

Homemade Cavewoman Costume

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