A group of friends and I love halloween and try to have the most unique costumes every year! We always want to wear something that now one else  will have. Last year we came up with the ideas to be dinosaurs. We each chose a dinosaur we wanted to be and decided what color we each wanted to be.

I am the more creative one in the group (art major – what can I say its in my blood) so I volunteered to put the looks together. I tried to put together a costume that was fun, unique, but also stayed in my college student budget. I went shopping and found 4 plain colored t-shirts along with shorts and tights. Basics – check!  I then bought material to create our tails and wings. I cut out the fabric and stuffed it with  the inside stuffing from 25 cent stuffed animals from goodwill (may they rest in peace).  I then used superglue to pull it all together.

I topped it off with headbands, bows, gloves, and felt bellys. People loved it! They thought it was very creative and we were definitely the hit of the parties. We even managed to win a costume contest at the local bar! Being a dino is a unique and easy costume to put together. Have fun! rawr.