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Cool DIY Cave Woman Costume

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, so each year AFTER Halloween, I plan my next costume.  I have a vision in my head, and that is how I create it.  Very little is store bought, as I make my costumes myself, often the night before like this one!

I cut out my pattern (just by looking at the material, no actual pattern), and I sewed it together, trying it on several times.  I then moved on to the boot covers, and the fake “animal” carcass on my shoulder!  I planned to be an UGLY cavewoman, so I didn’t care that I stayed up all night making my costume, because if I had bags under my eyes, then even better!

I always have spirit gum on hand, and I took a fake mustache, shredded it up a bit, and composed a unibrow!  I rubbed brown makeup all over my body to give the effect of “dirt” on my body; teased my hair until it hurt, inserted bone into the hair, and then put in some rotten teeth.

I pulled up to my job, and I took my time getting out of my truck, because I knew the Federal police officers at work would be looking through their security camera.  I was promply greeting at the door by five officers who said “This sure in the hell cannot be Kharmyn!”  I just grunted at them and they asked me for my ID!  They said they couldn’t believe such a a beautiful woman would make herself so ugly!  LOL!  If they only knew my passion for Halloween!  :)  The unfortunate thing is that I had just had a manicure, and I wasn’t about to change that about me, so ugly cave woman with well manicured nails!  LOL!

Needless to say, I won first prize at work, and a $100 gift card!  OOGA OOGA!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  :)

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  1. I LOVE THIS!! You’ve inspired me to be an ugly cavewoman too next Halloween – then my exterior will finally match how I feel on the inside.


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