I decided to dress up as a cave woman this year for Halloween. I wanted a way to be original and didn’t want to dress in a sexy, pretty-girl costume like all the others.
The cave woman costume is fairly difficult because you had to sew all the different REAL fur skins on.

I started with a piece of leather fabric then started adding the skins. I found the furs on eBay and through some of my friends. I used my real fur boots for the shoes. Then added some accessories, such as chicken bones!

I wore leggings under the fur top but it could have been worn without the leggings. I had a fox tail which was used as the headband. I rubbed some black Halloween makeup on my arms and face. I also blackened out a few of my teeth. It’s awesome when people ask you where you bought your costume. Really makes you feel special. I am EXTREMELY proud of this costume!!!