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Little Caveman Costume for a Boy

My little boy wanted to be a caveman so I bought some material and whipped this up in no time flat. The booties I made large and they slipped over his shoes. I picked up the bone and bone necklace at a Halloween store. I used a marker and colored on the bone and smudged it to make it appear more authentic. I used a mascara brush and scruffed up his face. He wore shorts underneath and girls panty hose to keep warm.

I trimmed up some finished touches using leather and used leather to ties his booties. He loved it and won his age costume contest overall category at the local school carnival. The costume was worn again another year by a family friend who dragged an inflatable dinosaur on a rope. I wish I had thought of that to make it more original. He definitely enjoyed it anyway. Reminded me of Barney with his blond hair.

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