Coolest Homemade Cavegirl Group Halloween Costumes

Homemade Cavegirl Group Halloween Costumes

We had about 2 hours to make a costume so my friends and I went to a fabric store and bought 1 yard of fabric each. Three costumes we actually hand sewed, but the rest are just draped around and safety pinned. The leopard print only cost $3.50 for a yard and the most expensive … Read more

Coolest Cave Woman Costume

Cave Woman Costume

I started this Cave Woman costume by buying a yrd and a half of material from Wal-Mart. I traced and cut out the pattern and sewed the sides to fit my shape, cut the hem jagged, and tied the shoulder strap. For my hair – I washed and blow dried it and then added hair … Read more

Best Halloween Costume Idea for Caveman Family

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

This was the best Halloween costume I have made. You will need for the Cave Man Family: Animal Print Fabric, plastic bones (variety of sizes 3), Plastic Bone Jewelry (necklaces bracelets), some sort of clothing for underneath your animal print shift (shorts and T-shirts leggings or tights- whatever you have in the closet that works!), … Read more