Coolest Flinstone Costume

Homemade Flintstone Costume

We decided to make the Pebbles & Bam Bam costume because we had purchased the Fred & Wilma costumes and what better way to finish off but with Pebbles & Bam Bam. The only things I had to purchase was the leopard print material and the white felt for the bone. The bat we already … Read more

Cavewoman Costume

Cavewoman Costume

I decided to dress myself as a cavewoman this year for Halloween. I wanted a way to be original and didn’t want to dress in that pretty-girly costume like any girl. The costume is pretty easy to do. The only things you need is a brown blanket, a piece of fabric with animal print on … Read more

Coolest Cave Family Costumes

Homemade Cave Family Costumes

After having our first daughter we definitely wanted to “be” something that included the whole family. I had seen some leopard printed fabric at the store and was wondering what I could make. I had originally wanted to be the Flintstones but decided to be a CAVE FAMILY instead. I bought some leopard print fabric … Read more