Coolest Homemade Captain Hook Costume

Materials needed:
Red gabardine fabric
Yellow ribbon
Gold fabric
Purple pants
White cravat
Black wig
White lace
Plastic hook
Plastic sword
Red hat with white feather
White socks
Black vinyl
Black eyeliner

For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme. Our 8-year-old son chose to be Captain Hook and he was amazing!

To make his coat, I took bright red gabardine fabric. I never use patterns so I just laid him on the fabric and traced around his body. I made big bell sleeves extra long so I could cuff them up. I added yellow ribbon, sewn around the edge of the coat front. I added white lace to the sleeves.

I made the cravat (the thing around his neck) out of white fabric and snapped it around the back of his neck. The sash is made from gold fabric and I sewed a loop at the side for his sword to hang. We found purple pants at a thrift store and we tucked them into his socks. I used white ribbon to tie around the top of the socks and bow in the back.

I drew a mustache using black eyeliner. We gave in and bought an official Captain Hook hat from the Disney Store. He used a hook and sword to complete the outfit. It was perfect!!!

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours


Coolest Captain Hook Costume