Homemade Black Swan Costume Idea

Yes… this was the coolest black swan costume!… The starting point was getting a simple corset and a tutu. Then we got lots of crystals of different sizes (or “bling” as I call it :)) and glued them one by one in a nice pattern on the corset and the tutu similar to the way Natalie Portman had it in the movie :).

The main features of the Black Swan Costume were the huge wings which we made from scratch at home! We used a foam board as the frame and traced the shape we wanted to cut. Then using hot glue we glued feathers in an orderly fashion to give an appearance of a flying swan! We used larger feathers at the bottom and then gradually the smallest ones till we reached the top.

We went to the NY city Halloween parade and this generated lots of looks!

Coolest Black Swan Costume 7

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