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Coolest Anger form Inside Out Costume

My son came to me after seeing the commercial for the DVD’s release of Pixar’s Inside Out and said: “Mom I want to be Anger for Halloween!” Sounds great, let’s get to it.

We bought the basics: poster board, red felt, red and orange tissue paper, spray adhesive and some red gloves. We cut out the basic shape and adhered the red felt to both sides. I made a cylinder out of the poster board and adhered the red felt.

Inside the cylinder I taped a piece of cardboard  and I had some battery-operated white Christmas lights that I taped down, this way the tissue paper will light up to give the flame effect. We cut out some flames out of tissue paper. I wish I would have added yellow also, but just went with what we bought. I thought the tissue would stand on its own, but we added thin floral wire in between the tissue, which was great because we could bend it to give it a more flame look.

I blew up a picture on the computer to cut the eyes out and then rolled some felt to make the eyebrows which helped give dimension to the mask. After I glued it all together and cut the mouth out, I used some sheer black material for the mouth so my son could see.

The top was a bit wobbly and I wanted my son to be able to dance about so I attached two straps out of the red felt to tie under his chin. The rest was his good clothes that we already had. Once we turned the lights on, he had a blast putting his fists up and the kids were all saying look…its Anger!!

I’m glad he choose this costume, he loved it!

Coolest Anger form Inside Out Costume

Coolest Anger form Inside Out Costume

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