Halloween has always been a big thing around our house. Each year we try to top our costumes from the years prior. This Halloween we decided to make Anger from Inside Out for our 5 year old son.

Items we used:

  • Concrete tube form (purchased at Home Depot)
  • Red Fleece (Angers Body)
  • White Fabric (Anger’s Shirt)
  • Brown Belt
  • Form Sheets (Tie and eyes)
  • Polyester fill (stuffing to make shape the body)
  • Glue Gun
  • Styrofoam (Inserted top of Anger’s head)

Surprisingly, this costume was pretty easy to make. To start we measured and cut the concrete form to measure from my sons hips to just above his head. We then cut out the eyes and mouth. As my son is only 5, we decided to have him see out of the mouth vs the eyes. To create Anger’s brows, we shaped a piece of styrofoam and placed it inside the top of the tube. Once this was all done we cover the entire thing in red fleece and wrapped the bottom half in white fabric. Polyester fill was stuffed under the fabric to make Anger a little round. We then attached a collar and made the tie and eyes from colored form sheets.

My son was an instant hit at school. All this friends wanted to try the costume on and many neighbors during “trick or treating” asked to take photos.

Pros: All the reaction the costume received, relatively quick and easy to make.

Cons: Hardest part of the costume was trying to measure where my son’s eyes were to cut out the mouth.