Coolest Alice in Wonderland Costume for a Group

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we decided to make the new Johnny Depp movie come to life. I (Jamie) personally made and/or assembled the costumes of the Red Queen, White Queen, Mad Hatter, Alice and Cheshire Cat. Here is how I made this Homemade Alice in Wonderland Group Costume.

Red Queen: enjoyed picking out the fabric for the skirt. Used the top of a black velour turtleneck dress. I am new to sewing and had no formal training. Did not use a pattern. Cut out fabric as best I could and sewed it together. Glued hearts on, which proved a mistake as they tended to falll off the slinky fabric. Sewed the hearts on for the seconod time I took the costume out. Sewed beading to the front and lace to the sleeves. Picked up a cheap wig at costume shop and painted face white and lips red.

Mad Hatter: picked up an old brown coat at goodwill, sewed lace to the sleeves. Pants were already owned by wearer. He used is ski waders to look like long boots. To make the hat I used an old cowboy hat and taped cardboard to the top and made it top-hat shaped. Covered the hat and cardboard in fabric (purchased in earlier trip to fabric store), sprayed a bit of gold paint, added the sash and a card. Purchased clown wig and painted face white, painted lips and eyes red.

White queen: found a nice ‘princess dress’ at thrifts store – repaired the sleeves that were torn and added a ton of lace to the front. Recycled long white gloves and blond wig from costumes of the past.

Alice – purchased blue sleeveless dress at goodwill. Bought the clear blue see through fabric to make the top part. Added black buttons and lace to top and bottom of dress.

Cheshire Cat – bought fashion fur at craft store. Cut out and sewed body suit with hood and tail. Bought a cheap plastic cat mask at craftstore and glued on mouth made from cardboard and cardboard eyes (both pre-painted) glued on fur and ears.

My friend (Linny) did the Rabbit Costume and the Caterpillar. My friend (Dave) made the black night’s costume.

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Homemade Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

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  1. Is there anyway that you could ask if you would be willing to possibly sell the caterpillar costume that he made or if he could give me directions on how he made it. And then desperate need of making the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar costume


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