This Alice Costume from Resident Evil: Extinction was pretty easy to put together, just mostly about finding the right pieces of clothing.

Here’s a list of pieces for the whole ensemble:
*White tank top
*brown button down shirt (I cut and modified a shirt that was close enough so it would look more like what she wears)
*greenish/brown/tan shorts (I cut them up a bit and got them nice and dirty so they would look more distressed)
*two belts across the waist that the gun holsters around the legs attach to. (I ordered supplies from DIY Tactical and made them myself with different buckles, d-rings, and Velcro)
*Weapons – I got some plastic guns and knives from the dollars store. I made the holsters to specifically fit the guns I got.
*Brown Tights/Leggings (I cut up some brown opaque stockings and tied them up in front)