I was inspired to make this cotton candy costume when I had seen a sorry attempt at it the year before and was determined to make my version a little better. Cotton candy 2.0!


White tube top, white tool mini skirt, white tights, 1 bag of fluff (I used maybe a quarter of the bag), and 4 cans of pink wash out hair spray.

To start, I mapped out how much fluff I would need to cover the entire top and then proceeded to dye that first so that it would have time to dry and it was something easy that I could do at my leisure. When that was done I hot glued/fabric glued all the fluff onto the tube top. It’s best to stretch it out as thin as you can so that it stays on a little better. When got the majority on I tried it on and had to patch up a few spots with both fluff and dye so make sure you try it on while still constructing! (and to see how the shirt fits) For the skirt I used a whole can of hair dye to spray it to make sure it matched. To top it off I found body spray that smelled like cotton candy for authenticity. :)

The hardest and most time consuming part is definitely gluing on the fluff to the shirt. At first I wasn’t using strong enough glue so I had to redo a lot of it! It was definitely well worth it because it was a hit! I won several costume contests with it and my nephew absolutely loved it!