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Coolest Bag of Cotton Candy Costume

My 10 year old daughter did not want a store bought costume this year! After being at a recent carnival, she decided to be a bag of cotton candy! We bought a bag of poly fill fluff from the craft store and 2 cans of spray paint, pink and blue.

I put out plastic tarps outside and sprayed the poly fill with a few coats of paint to get bold bright colors. You want to try and move the poly fill around so not much white is showing. Let that dry for a couple days outside to ensure the smell is not too overwhelming! She wore a warm white sweatshirt and turtle neck and blue stretch pants from the closet.

We bought a clear plastic trash bag and cut the bottom out of it. We tied it tightly around her waist using white nylon string so that nothing would fall out (We tried cutting too leg holes first but they started to stretch out causing fluff to fall out!). We then stuffed her full of cotton candy laying the colors.

We made a clear sticker from the office store that said “Cotton Candy” for the front and “Nutritional Value” on the back. I used a Circus font. We tied her hair up in ponytails and added pink and blue ribbons with fluff so that she had extra decoration without having a heavy head piece.

This Homemade Bag of Cotton Candy Costume was a hit and very affordable!

Homemade Bag of Cotton Candy Costume

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