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Homemade Easy and Sweet Cotton Candy Costume

This is my 4 yr. old daughter. Every year I ask her what she wants to be for Halloween. I have been making my kids’ costumes for them since their first Halloween. My mother used to make mine as a child and I have since decided to carry on the tradition. She loves the color pink and cotton candy, so naturally she wanted to be pink Cotton Candy!

Items Needed to make this easy, quick costume:

  • Poly-fill about 10 oz. (had on hand)
  • Large white, short sleeve t-shirt (used one of her dad’s)
  • 3M Spray Adhesive 10 oz. can
  • Pink Spray paint 10 oz. can
  • White poster board (dollar store)
  • Elastic (had on hand)
  • Pink winter hat (last year’s hat)
  • Body spray, cotton candy scent (dollar store)
  • Pink sweater and pants (Wal-Mart)
  • Pink socks (had on hand)
  • Pink shoes (had on hand)
  • Hole punch
  • Brown paper bag (free from grocery store)
  • Clear tape

Assembly: Started with t-shirt and poly-fill. Laid t-shirt flat and inserted the brown paper bag into the t-shirt to avoid the front and back from sticking together on the inside. Proceeded to take handful of poly-fill, spray with adhesive and stick all over t-shirt. I opened up the brown bag still inside the shirt and slipped over back of my kitchen chair to give t-shirt volume to fill in sides and shoulder area of t-shirt. Let dry.

Next, do same to pink hat and let dry. Then, roll poster board to create cone shape and tape in position desired. punch two holes on each side of cone about half inch away from large side opening. Thread elastic into hat through hole. Tie a knot on inside and do same with other end of elastic to opposite side of cone. Dress child in sweater, pants, socks and shoes. Separate brown paper bag and t-shirt. Slip finished t-shirt over clothes. Put on hat and then cone. Spray costume with cotton candy scented body spray. Happy Halloween!

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