Cool Lego Pirate Costumes – Aargh! The Best and Most Difficult Costumes I’ve Ever Made

My oldest son is a HUGE Lego fan.  So it was a natural choice for him to want to dress as a minifigure.  Every year our family enters a float in our local Halloween parade.

I was beyond excited to create these costumes for my children because I knew it would make them so happy.  It was fun creating the costumes but also very difficult.  What made it difficult was trying to make the costume proportionate to my kids sizes while trying to create a true Minifigure.  I also had to do a lot of hand painting for the faces and the shirt fronts.  It was all free hand painting.

The next challenging task was trying to create the costume and keep it as true to a Minifigure as I could.  But the mobility of the costume became a challenge.  After many trials and errors, I finally created the most awesome costumes for my kids.  These were my best by far.

My kids received many many compliments as we walked the parade route.  Everyone seemed to love these costumes!  Which in the end made my kids even more happy to be wearing them.