Very Cool Last-Minute Dia de los Muertos Makeup

I needed something simple for Halloween (last minute). I didn’t realize I never got a full picture untill the next day. I just wore a long black skirt, lace black top and lace shrug. I painted my entire face white (tube of regular Halloween face paint), then started on my eyes.

I used matte blue and a shimmery green eyeshadow.  I then outlined and drew designs with black liquid eye liner. After that I highlighted and shadowed  here and there using a blush brush and eyeshadow.

Lastly I added sequins with eyelash glue. The very last touch was a huge red rose in my hair all I could find at the last minute (just stuck a booby pin through it).  And that was it. Makeup took a litlle while just cause I couldn’t decide on what designs I wanted but it was pretty easy. Happy Halloween!

needed something simple for halloween(last minute) didn't realize i never got a full pictue till the next day. i just wore a long black skirt, lace