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Dias de los Muertos Couple Costume

I tried to find a ‘day of the dead’ coupe costume online but couldn’t find anything that really hit the mark. I decided that I would make my own which was pretty simple and a lot cheaper.

For the woman’s costume I purchased a suitable dress in the style I wanted from ebay for a few pounds. I then attached some cheap artificial roses around the bust line with a needle and thread.

For the veil I purchased a meter of black lace net curtaining (again from ebay) for £1. I sewed a very loose/big tacking stitch about an inch down from the top edge and right across which I then pulled to gather up the fabric so it was the same width as my head band. This was stitched onto the headband.

For the headband I simply attached more of the same roses again using needle and thread, you could use hot glue if you have the necessary equipment.

For the male costume I purchased a cheap black shirt and trousers and a black felt top hat (ebay again) I did not need to do any alterations to the mans costume.

For the face make-up I used Kryolan professional aqua color stage makeup (using a slightly damp sponge to put white on whole face/neck and black around the eyes). I blended black rimmel eyeshadow with a brush along the line of the cheek bone and highlighted under the jawline and down the throat/ribs.

The detailed parts around the eyes and on the cheeks I used rimmel waterproof liquid eyeliner. The jewels were self adhesive craft jewels purchased for ebay for about £1.

I used  rimmel provocalip 16hr lip colour (play with fire).

The whole area was then sprayed and set with Kryolan fixing spray.

The wig was by Fever – Khloe.

With hindsight I should have colored my arms white as well.

I viewed a number of youtube tutorials of day of the dead make-up which was very helpful.

Dias de los Muertos Couple Costume

Dias de los Muertos Couple Costume

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