My husband and I LOVE Halloween! We look forward every year to what creative costume we can come up with. Last year we did the Exorcist. I was Reagan and my husband was the priest. We didn’t think we would be able to top it this year. I’ve always wanted to do a “Dia de los Muertos” theme. I thought it would be a great couple’s costume. My husband is an artist and can do some phenomenal things with an airbrush. I wish I could say I went through great lengths to make the costumes, but it was really the make-up that made these the best costumes we’ve worn to date!

I ordered our costumes from They were devil costumes. I loved that they matched and had that Mexican flare. I made my headpiece by purchasing a headband, fake roses, skulls and black veil material that matched my dress. I used a hot glue gun to put it together. For my husband’s hat I purchased a black hat with red pom pom balls and glued the same type of fake roses and skulls on the brim. With regard to the make-up, the base was white accented with black contour to give us that dark skeletal look. This was all done with an airbrush. The bones on my neck were also done with an airbrush. The detail artwork on our face was done by hand. He sprayed a make-up sealant all over the artwork so the make-up wouldn’t smudge or rub off easily. If you look closely at the pictures, he also made up our hands to look skeletal. The finishing touch to our costumes where the white contact lenses. These lenses really added the “scare” factor to these costumes. Overall, the make-up for us both took a total of two hours.

I gave out treats in my costume. I had a ton of comments from all our trick treaters. People kept saying how amazing I looked. I had several people tell me I looked “beautiful”! They were just amazed at the artwork. After trick or treating was over, my husband and I hit two local costume contests. We won 1st place at both contests. People were just amazed at the detail of the costumes. We heard the following comments/compliments:  “Absolutely Amazing!”, “You will win for sure!”, “How long did the make-up take?,  That’s incredible!”

We felt like celebrities! We had so many people wanting to take pictures with us. These costumes are really a tribute to the incredible talent my husband possesses. Now, I have to start thinking of costumes that will top these for next year!