This was the first Day of the Dead Celebration we attended. Such a busy time of the year for costumes and dressing up, I LOVE it! We attended a few parties this year and we wore something different to each one. This is our version of Dias de los Muerta.

My favorite part was creating my face make up. The costume/clothing was super easy. My husband wore a black collard dress shirt and tie with black pants. I bought his hat from the Halloween store and I added a blue ribbon and made a flower with a skull  and hot glued it to the hat. I wore a black top, black skirt and a blue scarf as a shawl.

I made my flower head piece using floral wire and blue flowers from Hobby Lobby, added some skulls and black lace and ribbon. I braided three floral wires together to make a crown, then covered it with floral tape and then added the flowers wrapping them with more floral wire and tape, using a lot of hot glue too. The black lace veil was sewn on around the back of the head piece.

The face paint was the most important part and it took about two hours to create. I used a white base, added blues and purples around the eyes. My favorite part was adding the gems to my face. I used lash glue and placed the gems all over my face. Using a fine brush, I added the swirls and detail. Just for fun I wore false lashes and blue contact lenses. I also found blue feather earrings and necklace in my stash of jewelry that matched perfectly.

This is such a beautiful holiday and I wanted to honor it as best I could. The reaction of the party goers was amazing! Everyone loved our costumes. We had our picture taken so many times and tons of questions about my make up. This was one of the most challenging costumes because of all the detail, but so worth it! We had a wonderful evening celebrating loved ones that have passed.