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Cool Homemade Katy Perry Costume for a Girl

This Katy Perry costume was one my daughter and I made for the Katy Perry Prismatic concert. It was a recreation of one of Katy’s performance outfits. My daughter felt like a little celebrity with all the ooh’s and ahhh’s and attention she was getting.

First we took a trip to our local Hobby Lobby and grabbed some leaves and flowers. Floral was 50% off so I spent about $10 bucks.

  • We used an old tutu that she had at home and I took the wire out of the leaves and sewed them onto the tutu (just the top part of the leaves, to ensure they’d stay on, but be loose enough for her to move).  We sewed them all the way around it.
  • Next we took a few flowers and super glued them onto a plastic headband.
  • I also sewed a few flowers onto the top front of the tutu.
  • We wanted to keep it age appropriate so we chose to use a top that covered her belly a bit more. The top was actually an old tunic that she had for a while that we almost gave away when cleaning out her closet. Glad we didn’t because it was hard finding a leopard print shirt in her size. Who would’ve thunk! Anyhow we had to cut a slit up the lower back of the shirt to tie it in the back (only because we used a long tunic and I didn’t want it to hide the flowers or leaves) a tank top, or leo or even a scarf would work great too.
  • I braided her hair in 2 french braids the day before so that it would give it a “wavy” look.
  • Lastly we topped it off with silver rhinestone sandels and a little lipstick.

The outcome was great and we spent mother daughter time doing it together so that was just the cherry on top. I did search online for one to buy but was upwards of $40 + and not as cute! So altogether I spent no more than $17 bucks buying floral, super glue and needle and thread.

Cool Homemade Katy Perry Costume for a Girl

Cool Homemade Katy Perry Costume for a Girl

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