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Cool Homemade Costume Idea: Spiked Punk Rockers

For this spiked Punk Rockers fancy dress we used all my son’s everyday clothes…yes he’s a punk. The fancy dress party we were going to was celebrities but we decided that we properly couldn’t pull off the A list look so Punk seemed the perfect choice. We aimed for Johnny Rotten & Sid Vicious, not sure which one I was and I’m not sure if we looked like them.

Any way getting ready for this fancy dress was hilarious…my poor son had to stay in so that we could borrow all his clothes and punk accessories…. poor thing. The funniest part was the hairdo…trying to get our hair to spike was so very funny. Generally we go to great pains to straighten and calm our hair but on this occasion it was a back comb fest and hairspray massacre. Some how my friend turned out looking butch..God we laughed.

Even funnier was the journey to the venue considering I was driving a sports car. Due to the length of the spikes we had to open the sunroof to get in the car. Picture this…It’s 8pm at night, pitch black and we are driving down the dual carriage away at 60 mile an hour with spikes sticking out of the roof. I cried and laughed  so much it’s a wonder we didn’t crash. I wouldn’t advise doing that again.

Everyone at the party thought we looked great. We even signed a few autographs! lol

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