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Quirky Homemade Costume Idea: Edna and Mavis the Two Old Ladies

All the items for the Edna and Mavis the two old ladies fancy dress are from charity shops….all old ladies out of date clothes in size 20. Such a laugh trying to find the uncoolest granny looking outsized clothing, we had a great laugh for hours. Even went for extra large knickers, which fell down at every opportunity at the fancy dress party. We wore 60 denier tan tights which had to be wrinkled ‘the Nora Batty way’.

Finishing touches in the form of pom pom slippers, out dated hand bags, Edna Everage specs, rollers and hair nets. We even used balloons to make enormous boobs and bums. Everyone at the party laughed at us….some even filmed us dancing.We were so convincing that on arrival at the party a young woman said to us that Bingo night was on another night…she actually though we were 70…..what a laugh.  I even caught the eye of a gentlemen in his 70s…..I was really only 44.

We were that good we won the fancy dress competition….bottle wine bonus. The two old ladies costume is definitely high on my list of hilarious nights out.

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